Luella Peterson Tory Lanez’s Mother Biography, Age, Height, Wiki

Luella Peterson is a single mother who gave birth to rapper and singer Tory Lanez. Tory’s real name is Daystar Peterson and his stage name is derived from the combination of Luella and his father’s name Lanez. He was born in Toronto on March 30, 1992, and spent most of his childhood in Rexdale. His parents broke up when he was just two years old which led him to live with his mother for most of the time.  

Luella Peterson, Tory Lanez's Mother Biography, Age, Height, Wiki

Luella Peterson – Career

Peterson worked as an executive assistant at Humber College but after her son became famous she devoted all her time to take care of him and help him in achieving success in his music career. She has also appeared in one of her son’s music videos.

Luella Peterson – Wiki, Biography, Age, Height

Peterson was born on June 23, 1969, in Scarborough but she grew up in North York which is a district of Toronto. She has three sisters and one brother. One of her sisters died some years ago while another sister resides in Vancouver and the third lives in Brampton.

Before having Tory Lanez, Luella had two sons with different men and they both live with their fathers. Growing up as a single mother was difficult for young Peterson who sometimes didn’t have enough money to eat properly or buy clothes for herself and her kids or even put them through school. To make things worse her parents were alcoholics which only made it more difficult for her to do anything.

Even though Peterson had a hard time raising two sons on her own, she made sure that they didn’t lack anything and she never forced them into doing something they did not want to. They were given the support and freedom necessary to develop their personalities and become strong individuals who can stand up for themselves.

Luella believes that parents should spend as much time with their kids while they are small because once they grow up you can never get them back. However, Tory Lanez’s mother is proud of him because he has managed to overcome all his struggles in life so far. He graduated from high school in 2010 but decided not to go to college which later resulted in moving out of home when he was just 19.

Luella Peterson – Relationship, Boyfriend

Luella is not in a serious relationship at the moment which means that there are no rumors about her dating someone. She has made it clear that she will never marry again because she has already been married twice and both ended with divorces.

Peterson used to date Tory Lanez’s father but their relationship did not work out and they went separate ways when her son was just two years old. Luella dated another man after the breakup with Tory’s dad, but he also left her after four years of being together.

Aside from these men, she has dated other men on several occasions but none of them turned serious enough for her to get into a long-term relationship.

Luella Peterson – Net Worth, Income, Salary

Tory Lanez’s mother has kept her life private which makes it difficult to find out anything about her net worth or income. She works as an executive assistant at Humber College but she did not reveal how much she earns from there.

It is also unknown whether Peterson still receives child support from Tory’s father after their breakup. All of this makes it impossible to estimate Luella’s actual net worth and annual salary.

Luella Peterson – House, Car

Peterson currently resides in the Rexdale area of Toronto where she bought a house for herself and her son when he was just 17 years old so he could have his own place stay whenever he was in Canada. Luella also bought a new car for her son after he became successful in his music career. However, she is not the legal owner of this house so it might be in Tory’s name or maybe they are just renting it.

Luella Peterson – Twitter, Instagram

Even though she has an account on Twitter and several posts made on social media sites like Facebook, Luella prefers to keep her life away from social media. Her accounts are just used by friends and family members who post emails about daily lives which helps her stay updated. Luella has more than 14 thousand followers on her Twitter account but she follows only three people including her son and the other two are close friends of hers.

Luella Peterson – Humanitarian Work, Charity

Peterson sometimes works as a volunteer because she believes that everyone is born to help one another. She is an active member of the community who has participated in several humanitarian events over the years. Her son Tory Lanez also took part in these charity events with his mother by giving out donations which mostly went to children’s homes. Luella stated that she likes doing things like this because it makes her feel satisfied knowing that her time was spent on something good.

Luella Peterson – Siblings

Her son Tory Lanez does not have any siblings but Luella has three brothers and one sister named Karen Johnson who is six years younger than her. She has an interesting story when it comes to her sisters and brothers because they all grew up in different states and only met for the first time after Karen completed school and moved to California. Their parents got divorced when Tory’s mom was just one year old and she grew up with her mother, while his father took care of both of her older siblings who were living in New York.

Final Thought

I hope that this article has given you enough information about Luella Peterson, the mother of Tory Lanez. She is one of those celebrities who prefers staying out of the spotlight so she can focus on her family and career instead. It is great to see parents like her because she never fails to support her son no matter what happens in his life. Is there anything else you’d like to add about Luella or Tory? Let us know in the comments below.

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